Engineering Technology Construction Management (ETCM)

Construction Safety & Ethics
ETCM 101 2 Credits/Units

2 hours of lecture

Thorough review of safety principles, regulations, and ethical considerations that are vital in the construction sector. The course focuses on creating a culture of safety and ethical responsibility. [GE]

Construction Documents
ETCM 155 5 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture / 4 hours of lab

Prerequisite: ENGR 113 (grade of "C" or higher) and concurrent enrollment in ENGR 140.

Management of construction documents that are fundamental to the planning and supervision of construction processes. Understanding requirements and interpretation of construction plans, technical specifications, conditions & agreements, proposal documents, safety, and other related documents. [GE]

ETCM 170 5 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture / 4 hours of lab

Introduction to the essential features and capabilities of Revit for Civil design and documentation. Covers core concepts and tools for creating and managing 3D building models, as well as generating 2D construction documents. [GE]

Cooperative Work Experience
ETCM 199 1-5 Credits/Units

15 hours of clinical

Supervised work experience in an approved job. Completion of specific learning objectives and employer evaluation. [GE]

Construction Financial Management
ETCM 200 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: ACCT& 201 (grade of "C" or higher)

Evaluation of the financial management principles and practices specific to the construction industry. Learn to effectively plan, control, and analyze construction project finances, including budgeting, cost estimation, financial forecasting, and risk management. [GE]