Heather Adams (2020)
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs
B.A. Washington State University
M.A. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Megan Anderson (2022)
Educational Planner
B.A. Colorado Christian University
M.Ed. University of Washington

Jorge Argueta (2018)
ducational Planner
B.A., M.A. California State Polytechnic University Pomona

Julie Austad (2021)
Dean of Clark Libraries and Academic Success Services 
B.A. Linfield College
M.L.S. Emporia State University


Margit Brumbaugh (2016)
Educational Planner
B.A. University of Washington
M.Ed. Concordia University

Cathleen "Cath" Busha (2016)
Dean of Student Engagement
B.S. Millersville University
M.S.W. Arizona State University

Jay Buscher (2021)
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
B.A. Warner Pacific University

Evelyn Buschur (2021)
Advanced Medical Practitioner
B.S. University of Maine
N.D. National University of Natural Medicine


Aaron Campbell (2023)
Associate Director of Advising Services
B.A. University of Vermont
M.A. Lewis & Clark College

Ann Campbell (2022)
Director of Community, Continuing Education and Customized Training
B.S. University of Oregon

Christy Campbell (2014)
Assistant Director of Business Services
B.S. Washington State University

April Cannon (2017)
Educational Planner
B.S. Oregon State University
M.A. Eastern Michigan University


Kevin Damore (2018)
Director of Marketing
B.S. Northern Arizona University

Carl Douglas (2021)
Director of Center of Excellence - Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing
AAST Clark College
B.S. University of Phoenix


Darci Feider (2021)
Executive Assistant to Vice Preside of Human Resources and Compliance

Wendé Fisher (2015)
Educational Planner - Professional/Technical
A.A.S. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University
M.S. Oregon State University

Hudson Fox (2022)
Accommodation and Retention Specialist
B.A. Western Washington University

Traneesa Frazier (2019)
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Administrative Services
A.A. Los Angeles Harbor Community College
B.S. Warner Pacific College


Gerald Gabbard (2022)
Director of Labor and Compliance
B.Mus. Lawrence University
M.S. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Ph.D. Capella University

Glendi Gaddis (2021)
Associate Dean of Financial Aid
B.A. Whitworth University

Carrie Ann Gallagher (2019)
Public Records Officer
Records Management Coordinator
B.A. University of Portland

Marcy Gilchrist (2017)
Educational Planner
B.A. Central Washington University

Kael Godwin (2007)
Enrollment Systems Analyst
B.A., M.A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Terrah J. Goeden (2022)
Interim MESA Director
B.S. University of Washington
M.S. Central Washington University

Michelle L. Golder (2007)
Special Projects and Activities Manager
B.S. University of Portland

Sarah K. Gruhler (2010)
Director of Student Life
B.A. Western Washington University
M.Ed. Seattle University

Das Gupta (2020)
Director of Information Technology - Client Services
B.B.A. Walsh College


Trisha Haakonstad (2019)
Career Advisor
B.A. University of San Diego
M.S. Portland State University

Degundrea Harris (2019)
Executive Assistant 
A.A. Clark College
B.S. Warner Pacific

Nicole Harris (2022)
Director of Student Equity and Inclusion
B.A., M.A. Warner Pacific University

Jessica Hash (2022)
Educational Planner
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University

Bradford Hawkins (2022)
Assistant Athletic Director
B.A. Washington State University

Csendi Hopp (2019)
International Admissions Manager
B.A. Southern Oregon University


Shannon Jackson (2018)
Educational Planner
B.A., M.S. Portland State University

Kate Jacky (2015)
Associate Director of Financial Aid
B.A. Washington State University

Megan Jasurda (2015)
Director of Disability Support Services & ADA Compliance Officer
B.A. University of Wisconsin
M.Ed. Portland State University

Joseph Jenkins (2016)
Educational Planner - College Prep and Transfer
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University
M.S. Portland State University

Rhianna Johnson (2021)
Director of Guided Pathways and Partnerships
M.S. Portland State University


Catharine Keane (2014)
Associate Director of Career Services
B.S. University of Vermont
M.P.A. Washington State University

Tanya Kerr (2017)
Internal Controls Business Analyst
B.A. University of Washington   

Alexandra Kison (2022)
Workforce and Student Engagement Navigator
B.S. Eastern Washington University

Rebecca Kleiva (2018)
Associate Director of Workforce Education Services
A.A. Clark College

Monica L. Knowles (1998)
Bookstore and Production Printing Manager
A.A. Brooks College


Donna Larson (2022)
Interim Associate Vice President of Instruction
B.SA. Rhode Island College
M.S. Troy State University 
Ph.D. Texas Tech University

Michael Law (2022)
Associate Director for Student Equity and Success
A.A. Spoon River Community College
B.A. University of Illinois
M.A. Loyola University

Heather Leasure (2021)
Student Communication and Retention Manager
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University

Laura LeMasters (2019)
Director of Athletics
B.A. Washington State University
M.A. California State University - Long Beach

Yingcong Li (2020)
Research Associate
B.S. Portland State University

Kimberly Love (2022)
Associate Director of Nursing Outcomes, Inclusion and Support
B.S. Warner Pacific University
M.Ed. City of University of Seattle
RN, Foothills School of Nursing, Calgary AB


Lance McIntire (2017)
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
B.S. Missouri State University
M.P.H. Des Moines University

Sherri Meadors (2016)
Payroll Manager
A.A. Clark College

Emily Moez (2022)
Director of Advising and Career Services
B.A. University of Washington
M.A., Ed. California Polytechnic State University



Jennifer Obbard (2017)
Associate Dean of Health Science
B.S.N., M.N. Oregon Health Sciences University

Shelley R. Ostermiller (2018)
Associate Registrar
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University, Vancouver
M.S. Warner Pacific College

Eriko Otsuka (2012)
Senior Manager of IT App Dev. & Data Services/Sr. Software Engineer
B.S., M.S. Washington State University, Vancouver


Brooke Pillsbury (2022)
Senior Executive to the President
B.A. Warner Pacific University

Bryan Pettis (2022)
Custodial Services Manager
A.A. Climate Control Institute
B.S. University of Phoenix
M.B.A. Baker University

William Porter (2022)
Educational Program Director - LARCH Corrections Center



Tina Redd (2023)
Dean of Social Sciences and Fine Arts
B.A. University of Missouri, St. Louis
M.A. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Ph.D. University of Washington

Julie L. Robertson (2013)
Director of Grant Development
B.S. Lewis & Clark College
M.S., M.S.W. Portland State University

Nicole Rogers-Marcum (2018)
Director of Instructional Finance and Operational Support
B.S. Western Oregon University
M.B.A. Washington State University


Chris Samuels (2022)
Director of Facilities
B.A. University of Oregon

Sabra Sand (2014)
Vice President of Operations
B.A. Washington State University

Thao Schmidt (2022)
Director of Employment Services
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University

Michael See (2017)
Director of Safety & Security
B.S. College of Professional Studies
M.S. Kaplan University

Sara Seyller (2019)
Instructional Operations Analyst
B.A., M.P.A. Washington State University

Jody Shulnak (2019)
Associate Director of International Programs
B.S. Northern Arizona University
M.S. Portland State University

Colleen Snarksi (2022)
Risk Manager

Grace Spadoro (2022)
Educational Planner
B.A. California Lutheran University
M.Ed. University of Vermont

Heidi Summers (2018)
Associate Dean of Transitional Studies, English, Communications and Humanities
B.S. Oregon State University
M.A. Ed. Virginia Tech


Julie F. Taylor (2005)
Administrative Secretary

Kevin Thomas (2019)
Director of Workforce Education Services
B.A. Washington State University

Abigail Thompson (2018)
Admissions Recruiter
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Portland State University

Cole Timpone (2022)
Admissions Recruiter
M.A. University of St. Andrews

Tasaday Turner (2015)
Associate Director of Advising
A.A.S. Clark College
B.A. Washington State University
M.S. Portland State University


Jacquelynn Vigeon (2015)
Clinical Placement Manager
B.A., M.A. The University of New Mexico

Michele Volk (2015)
Interim Dean of Social Sciences and Fine Arts
Director of Services for Children and Families
A.A.S. Portland Community College
B.S. Warner Pacific

Alyssa Voyles (2019)
Associate Director of Employee Equity, Outreach and Engagement
B.S. University of Oregon
M.Ed. Oregon State University


Jim Watkins (2003)
Construction Project Manager
B.A. New College

Vanessa Watkins (2015)
Director of Entry Services
B.S. Oregon State University
M.S. Portland State University

Jim Wilkins-Luton (2015)
Interim Vice President of Instruction
B.A Whitworth University
M.A. Gonzaga University
Ed.D. George Fox University

Christi Williams (2022)
Associate Director of Student Care, Conduct and Complaints
A.A. Clark College
B.S. Portland State University
M.S.W. Portland State university

Carley Willis (2018)
Educational Planner
B.S.W. George Fox University
M.S.E. Capella University



Feddiena "Feddie" Young (2022)
Research Associate-Institutional Effectiveness
A.A. Clark College
B.A. Central Washington University