Clark CARES: Collaborate, Assess, Resource, and Engage Students

The Clark CARES team offers a platform for the college community to voice concerns regarding the well-being of a Clark student. Our goal is to support retention, ensure completion, close the opportunity gap for students, and improve overall campus safety. 

The CARE process is in place to assist students in overcoming various obstacles to their success and well-being. We achieve this by working together with the reporter and establishing partnerships. This may involve linking students to the relevant department, facilitating institutional processes, and identifying college and/or community resources for assistance. 

The college has a CARE Team as part of the CARE process to address situations requiring an elevated level of coordination and response. The primary members of this team include the Associate Director of Care, Conduct and Complaints, Dean of Student Engagement, Counseling, Safety & Security, and Instructional leadership. Depending on the circumstances, additional campus officials may also be involved. The team conducts biweekly meetings, and information shared within this group is treated as confidential. The primary objective of sharing CARE reports is to determine the most effective way to coordinate appropriate support for the student. Additional information may be accessible through the respective offices of CARE team members. 

To learn more about Clark CARES team or to submit a referral visit the Student CARE Process ( page.