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What is eLearning?

eLearning at Clark College provides alternative options to students that give them the opportunity to attend classes beyond the traditional on-campus experience. eLearning courses, offer scheduling flexibility and convenience for today's busy life styles. eLearning courses maintain the same quality and outcomes as traditional on-campus classes and require the same time commitment to the coursework.

Clark College has dedicated a number of resources to ensuring exceptional Universal Design for Learning practices and proactively attending to accessibility concerns.

What Types of Classes are Offered?

eLearning classes are offered in the following formats: online, online-remote, and hybrid. To learn more about eLearning class formats, please go to What is eLearning page. General modality descriptions are as follows:

  • Online or Remote – A course that uses web-based tools and where 100% of the instruction and interaction between instructor and student is done online, either asynchronously or with some synchronous meeting times.
  • Hybrid – A course that displaces some, but not all face-to-face class time with web-based tools.
  • Web Enhanced – A face-to-face course that does not replace any face-to-face seat time, and access to web-based tools is required.

For more information regarding these modalities, please contact the Advising department.

Students considering registration in hybrid or online courses can get help preparing by visiting the following pages:

What Types of eLearning Programs are Offered?

Through the eLearning course modalities, students have several options to complete a degree through Clark College eLearning:

  1. Associate of Arts-Degree Transfer with emphasis in:
  2. Associate of Arts-Degree Transfer with concentration in:
  3. AAS in Business Administration (Associate of Applied Science Degree)
    (BUS-AAS website)
  4. AAT in Health Information Management (Associate of Applied Technology Degree)
    (HIM-AAT website)
  5. AAT in Network Technologies (Associate of Applied Technology Degree (Online Remote: requires weekly Zoom meetings) (NTEC-AAT website)
  6. AAT in CISCO Technologies (Associate of Applied Technology Degree (Online Remote: requires weekly Zoom meetings) (CISCO-AAT website)
  7. BAS in Cybersecurity (Bachelor's in Applied Science Degree) (Online Remote: requires weekly Zoom meetings; coming Spring 2022) (C-BAS website)

How Do I Start an eLearning Class?

eLearning classes follow the same college policies and procedures as face-to-face classes; therefore, they have the same start and end dates, unless otherwise noted. This means students are expected to log into the Learning Management System (Canvas) the first day of the term for class instruction and to begin participation.

Please visit the eLearning Ready? Set. GO! page for information about starting an eLearning class.

Technical Requirements and Support

To see if you have appropriate technology for eLearning courses go to the Technical Requirements and Resources page.

Technical support is available through the TechHub for:

  • LMS login and troubleshooting
  • Computer lab and student wireless login and troubleshooting
  • Mobile device connectivity
  • Course-specific software and e-books
  • eTutoring login
  • Online student services
  • Computer usage and troubleshooting
  • Student Gmail

For further information about TechHub, please visit their website.