Student Success Programs


The goal of Student Success Programs is to support the retention and success of all Clark College students, from the point of college entry to program completion. We provide targeted outreach and support for students facing challenges with academic progress, first-term students, and students moving from Transitional Studies to college-level coursework. We use proactive, reactive, and data-informed strategies to provide intensive, targeted outreach and intervention designed to meet students at their points of need. Student Success Programs staff and peer mentors assist students with accessing and navigating the various spaces, resources, and strategies available at Clark and the surrounding community that are key for students to establish and achieve their academic goals.

Key services:

  • Assistance to students with developing key critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will allow them to appropriately evaluate and respond to difficult academic, career, and life situations
  • Targeted outreach and support related to Penguin Alert for Student Success (PASS) and Academic Standards Policy (ASP)
  • Assistance to struggling students with locating appropriate academic resources and making informed enrollment decisions
  • Peer mentoring to help students navigate and access appropriate support resources and strategies that meet their unique needs
  • Reinstatement advising and support for students returning to the college
  • Goal setting, course selections, and degree/certificate program planning
  • Training and support for students, staff, and faculty on the Academic Standards Policy (ASP)

Penguin Alert for Student Success (PASS)

PASS is a resource that enables instructors to communicate with their students early in the term about any behaviors that are interfering with their success in class. The warning is intended to provide students with sufficient time to:

  1. identify and correct problematic behaviors that are hindering success in class,
  2. access appropriate campus resources, and
  3. if necessary, withdraw from classes if circumstances prohibit successful completion of coursework.

Students who receive an Penguin Alert for Student Success are encouraged to contact their instructors, trained PASS staff and peer mentors, and financial sources for strategies to improve course grades and guidance on course withdrawals.