Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians in Washington and Oregon are employed in hospitals and outpatient facilities. They assist licensed pharmacists in dispensing medications, assist with compounding and IV drug preparation, take inventory, stock supplies, type prescription labels, and perform other assignments as allowed by law. Pharmacy technicians, by law, are employed under the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Both chain and community retail pharmacies, as well as all hospitals, employ pharmacy technicians. The profession of pharmacy requires highly motivated and trained technicians to provide the drug preparation and distributive functions that support the medication management and pharmaceutical care duties of the pharmacist. Clark College's program consists of classroom and practicum education and training. Students learn the theory in class, practice in a mock pharmacy mini-lab, and then apply their knowledge in actual pharmacy practicum settings.

Graduates of the Clark College Pharmacy Technician program will be eligible for:

  • Clark College Certificate of Proficiency
  • Washington Board of Pharmacy Certificate
  • Oregon Board of Pharmacy Registration
  • National Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

About the Program

For Financial Aid purposes, the Certificate of Proficiency in Pharmacy Technician is open enrollment which enables all students who wish to pursue this program to complete the “Pharmacy Technician Program Requirements” (courses in the areas of English, Sciences, Medical Terminology, etc.). The “Pharmacy Technician Program Requirements” provide the foundation for the subsequent “Pharmacy Technician Core” classes (classes with “PHAR” prefix). Due to clinical space limitations, although the program of study for the pharmacy technician is open enrollment, there is an application process for students to be able to begin the “Pharmacy Technician Core” classes. The instructions in the Pharmacy Technician Program Guide explain the Pharmacy Technician requirements and the application process to be able to begin the Pharmacy Technician Core classes.

Program Pathway

Clark College also offers an expanded Pharmacy Technician curriculum leading to an Associate in Applied Technology (AAT) degree in Pharmacy Technician Leadership. This degree program is intended for those students who would like to continue their education beyond the Pharmacy Technician Certificate of Proficiency. Courses offered for the AAT in Pharmacy Technician focus on developing skill sets in leadership, business relations, and professional development.

Disability Statement for Health Occupations

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, accommodations for students with disabilities will be considered at the student's request. The student may need to provide documentation of disability to the Disability Support Services Office to support his/her accommodation requests. Documentation guidelines and procedures can be found at Once the student is qualified by DSS as having a disability, requested accommodations will be considered. Accommodations for the classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting will be evaluated according to reasonableness. Accommodations that compromise patient care, or that fundamentally alter the essential functions of the program or activity, are not considered to be reasonable.