Computer Technology

The Computer Technology (CTEC) department at Clark College offers training in a variety of foundational and content-specific topics relating to general computer literacy and fluency, computer operating systems interactions, programming, databases, web technology, and networking. Our course offerings serve a variety of missions: to enhance and expand an individual student's skill set, to serve as a prerequisite or requirement for another area of study, or to be a component course in one of the programs offered by this department.

CTEC currently offers the Computer Support program with degree and certificate options to provide students with skills for employment as computer technicians, help desk workers and other technical support roles. The department also offers an AAT degree in Web Development, which focuses on preparing students for careers that feature web programming skills.

Student considering options in computer-related careers should meet with a program advisor to consider which CTEC courses or programs may benefit them in their training and career exploration. CTEC course offerings can help provide a foundational understanding and set of skills in computer technology that will help them make informed decisions on career choices in other Clark College computer-related programs offered by Networking Technology (NTEC), Digital Media Arts (DMA), and Business Technology as well as on transfer opportunities in Computer Science and Information Technology.

For CTEC degrees and certificates, students must complete all major area requirements with a minimum grade of "C" or better in order to successfully complete the program and earn the award. Students should refer to the Degree & Certificate Requirements Section of the Clark College Catalog to identify the courses needed to satisfy the General Education Requirements for our program offerings.