Culinary Arts

The culinary and hospitality industries are experiencing tremendous growth. Employers all over the nation are looking for people who have not only technical skills, but also the ability to manage effectively and solve problems creatively.

At the Tod and Maxine McClaskey Culinary Institute at Clark College, we are building on nearly 60 years of excellence in culinary education to offer newly updated programs that prepare you to meet the growing demand for culinary and hospitality professionals. Our programs emphasize mastery of the fundamentals as well as management and critical thinking skills to prepare you for a range of career opportunities.

Our faculty combine their real-world experience with teaching expertise to help you master the technical, organizational, and management skills you need to stand out to potential employers. In addition, your on-campus experience will help develop skills including teamwork, customer service, merchandising, efficiency, equipment and food safety, production scheduling, and more — all key skills to prepare you for a career in the region’s dynamic food and hospitality industry.

Whether you aspire to work in a restaurant, bakery, industrial kitchen, catering service, or your own small business, the McClaskey Culinary Institute will assist in preparing you for a variety of career opportunities.