Surgical Technology-NOT APPROVED

Complete the Clark College Application for Admission and the Surgical Technology Application. Return them to Clark College Enrollment Services with the non-refundable fee: $50 for the program application fee (note: all fees subject to change). Date of Surgical Technology Application (fee paid date) will be considered in selecting students for entry into the program. Eligible students may be included in the selection process a maximum of two times before they must reapply.  

High school diploma, GED completion, or higher U.S. degree conferment. Students must attest that they have completed this requirement and explain how and when it was completed.  

Submit official college transcripts if you have transfer credits you wish to apply to the program. Students who do not plan to apply transfer credits towards the program are not required to submit official transcripts. Course credit hours and equivalency will be determined by Clark College.  

The following courses are required prior to program entry:  

ENGL& 101English Composition I5
AH 150Medical Microbiology5
or BIOL& 260 Microbiology
MATH& 107Math In Society (or any higher level math course) 15
or MATH 111 College Algebra
or MATH 110 College Algebra With Support
Any qualifying HR course(s) to reach 5 credits 25
Select from one of the following three options:
Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physiology I
and Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physiology II (6 credits/units)
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II (10 credits/units)
Human A & P I
and Human A & P II
and Human A & P III (15 credits/units)

MATH 111 or MATH 110 is recommended.


PSYC& 200 is recommended.

Obtain a minimum Clark College cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.  

To participate in the clinical externship, clinical sites may require proof of current immunizations. Students should consider starting the Hepatitis B series and titer as soon as possible as this can take approximately seven months to complete. Please see the program web site for details on immunizations and medical clearance requirements.  

Students enrolled in clinical courses are required to complete a comprehensive Criminal Background Check (as required by the clinical sites). Students should be aware that the clinical site may deny the student access and the student may not be able to complete their healthcare program based on the results of a background check.  

Students may be required to complete a drug screen before beginning their clinical experience at the request of the clinical site. Drug screening costs are the responsibility of the student (approximately $37). If the clinical site finds the student’s drug screen to be unsatisfactory, the student may be dismissed from the program (see substance abuse policy).  

Health Insurance - Proof of health insurance may be required by the clinical site. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your own health and testing requirements should an accident or injury occur. Clinical sites are not responsible for any injury that occurs during externship.  

Working conditions: positions in the hospital and/or clinical settings may require working flexible schedules, including weekends and holidays; potential exposure to chemical hazards; ability to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment (mask, coat, etc.) for extended periods of time. It is strongly recommended that all applicants observe closely the activities of those practicing in the profession to understand the technical requirements of the program more fully.

To participate in this program, students must be able to perform standard technical requirements as described above. Admission to the program may be contingent upon the applicant verifying his or her ability to perform the established technical standards of the program with or without reasonable accommodation (Please reference the disability statement in the Surgical Technology handbook for additional information).  

Clinical assignments are typically "day shift" or during the hours of 5:00am-4:00pm. Start and end times vary between clinical sites. Surgical Technology theory classes are hybrid and all lab and clinical is in person. Reliable transportation is an important consideration as clinical facilities may require driving significant distances (up to approximately 50 miles distance from Clark).