Cuisine Fundamentals (CA)(Plan Code: CACCFC20)

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This program is designed to provide a solid foundation of necessary skills and practices for entry level employment.

Major Area Requirements
CUIS 110Culinary Fundamentals I5
CUIS 111Professional Cooking I8
CUIS 120Culinary Fundamentals II5
CUIS 121Professional Cooking II8
CUIS 130Culinary Fundamentals III5
CUIS 131Professional Cooking III8
Specialized Short courses
Select a minimum of four credits/units from the following:4
Classic and Modern Soups and Sauces (2 credits/units)
Meat Cutting and Fabrication (3 credits/units)
Wine, Beer, Spirits and Food Pairings (2 credits/units)
Restaurant Baking (2 credits/units)
Catering Operations (2 credits/units)
Wine Appreciation (3 credits/units)
Barbeque Basics (4 credits/units)
Advanced Garde Manger (2 credits/units)
Total Credits/Units43

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes are overarching skills that are emphasized and reinforced throughout several courses in a specific program; they are measurable statements that define what students should know or be able to do by the end of a certificate or degree at Clark College. After successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply the basics of classical, modern, and healthy cooking techniques.
  • Identify and describe a variety of food ingredients and specifications with focus on sustainable, organic, nutritional needs; specialty diets; and aspects of vegetarian and veganism.
  • Demonstrate proper kitchen sanitation, safety and professionalism in the workplace.
  • Identify and demonstrate proper use of kitchen tools and equipment.
  • Demonstrate basic measuring, conversion, food costing and yield management practices.
  • Demonstrate cook to order practices with American and International cuisine.
  • Apply teamwork, workplace ethics, customer service and communications in the workplace.

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