Surgical Technology AAT (Plan Code: TBD)- NOT APPROVED

Academic Plans, known as programs, include an overview description and a summary of program requirements. You can search the online catalog via the Academic Plan links on the right for a desired program or a specific course information. 

General Education Requirements
Communication Skills (5 credits required)
ENGL& 101English Composition I5
or PTWR 135 Introduction to Applied Technical Writing
Computational Skills (5 credits required)
MATH& 107Math In Society (or any higher level math class)5
or MATH 111 College Algebra
or MATH 110 College Algebra With Support
Human Relations (5 credits required)
Course Options5
Major Area Requirement
Select from one of the following three options:6-15
Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physiology I
and Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Physiology II (6 credits/units)
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II (10 credits/units)
Human A & P I
and Human A & P II
and Human A & P III (15 credits/units)
AH 115Medical Terminology for Surgical Technology5
AH 150Medical Microbiology5
or BIOL& 260 Microbiology
AH 261Statistics for Health Care Professionals3
BUS 150Computer Business Applications5
MA 201Introduction to Pathophysiology5
SURG 100Introduction to Surgical Technology2
SURG 101Surgical Procedures I5
SURG 104Central Service Clinical l1
SURG 107Surgical Environment3
SURG 111Technical Skills Lab I4
SURG 202Surgical Procedures II6
SURG 203Surgical Procedures III4
SURG 206Perioperative Care of the Patient4
SURG 212Technical Skills Lab II4
SURG 250Surgical Seminar3
SURG 254Operating Room Practicum I2
SURG 255Operating Room Practicum II5
SURG 256Operating Room Practicum III10
Total Credits/Units97-106

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes are overarching skills that are emphasized and reinforced throughout several courses in a specific program; they are measurable statements that define what students should know or be able to do by the end of a certificate or degree at Clark College. After successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Articulate well-considered ideas and written claims to an academic audience, using effective rhetorical techniques, properly credited evidence, and a command of Standard English. (GE)
  • Demonstrate and clearly explain an effective strategy to solve a quantitative problem. (GE)
  • Demonstrate interpersonal/human relations skills. (GE)
  • Ensure a sterile environment while preparing an operating room for surgical procedures.
  • Perform the duties of a surgical technologist within the recognized scope of practice in an operating room setting.
  • Ethically adhere to healthcare policy and standards when performing the duties of a surgical technologist to ensure safe patient care.
  • Function collaboratively, as a member of a health care team as appropriate for a surgical technologist.