Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH&204 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Study of ancient and prehistoric cultures of the world. Introduction to theories and techniques of archaeological investigation. Formerly ANTH 102. [SE, SS]

ANTH&206 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

The concept of culture, a study of cultures directed toward a broad understanding of how people view their world, cope with their environments, and organize their lives. Formerly ANTH 103. [SE, SS]

ANTH&215 5 Credits/Units

44 hours of lecture / 22 hours of lab

The biological study of human beings and primates, past and present: human genetics, biological adaptation and variation, evolutionary principles, the primate order, human origins, and applied biological anthropology. Fulfills social science or laboratory science (lab) distribution credit. Formerly ANTH 101. [SE, SS, NS]

ANTH&245 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Reviews current understandings of behavioral and biological diversity in the Primate order. Focus is on living primates and how they are distributed across the globe, the major biological differences between primate groups and what field and captive research has discovered regarding the range of social behaviors, group patterns, foods, communication systems and cognitive abilities they display. Students practice basic research techniques used to study primate behavior in the wild and examine the major challenges faced by modern conservation efforts in protecting wild primate habitats. [NS, SE]

ANTH 290 5 Credits/Units

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructional Unit.

Opportunity to plan, organize, and complete special projects approved by the department. [SE]