Communication Studies (CMST)

CMST&102 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Survey of the various major communication media, their primary functions and social impact. Explores the ways in which various mass media impact us and how we impact the mass media. Focuses on critical analysis of issues regarding the mass media to help students develop their own personal and informed approach toward the dynamics of mass communication in society and increase their media literacy. [HA, SE]

CMST 199 5 Credits/Units

165 hours of conference

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructional Unit.

Supervised work experience in an approved job. Completion of specific learning objectives and employer evaluation. Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in HDEV 195, 198 or 200 required. [GE]

CMST&210 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Person-to-person communication emphasizing theoretical principles and their application. How self-concept, perception, verbal and non-verbal attributes and attitudes influence communication within the family, between friends, and at work. [HR,OC,SE,HA]

CMST 216 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Examination of the impact of culture on communication. Analysis of patterns of communications which affect the ability to establish clear understanding and effective interpersonal relationships. Skills to improve communication across cultural boundaries. [HA, SE]

CMST&220 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Introduction to speechmaking based primarily on a traditional public speaking approach. Aids students in developing theoretical understanding and practical application of oral communication skills. Techniques in controlling speech anxiety, how to structure and organize information to present to a variety of audiences; and physical and vocal delivery skills. [OC,HA,SE]

CMST&230 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Small group communication emphasizing theoretical principles and their application, enabling students to become more comfortable and competent participants in the group communication process. Emphasis will be on the study and application of the dynamics of group development, problem solving methodologies, and the use of power, including leadership and conflict. Formerly titled CMST 201. Credit not allowed for both CMST 201 and CMST 230. [HR,OC,SE,SS,HA]

CMST 240 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in CMST 220.

Introduction to the study of persuasion. Examines persuasion from both a theoretical and application perspective. [HA, SE]

CMST 280 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

The course focuses on selected topics in Communication Studies. Topics vary, and course theme and content change to reflect new topics. Because the course varies in content, it is repeatable for credit for different topics. Individual topics are listed in the term class schedule. [SE]

CMST 290 5 Credits/Units

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructional Unit.

Opportunity to plan, organize and complete special projects approved by the department. [GE]

CMST 310 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in CMST 210, CMST 220, or CMST 230.

Introduction to the communication dynamics of an organization, including the major theories of organizational communication, identifying and defining primary concepts and applying them to discussions of real-world situations. Students will analyze relationships between structural variables in the organization and informal communication channels, organizational culture, and strategic communication. Topics include public and human relations, conflict resolution, motivation, coaching, leadership, informal communication networks, corporate culture, socialization, globalization, the role of technology, and external communication as they relate to organizations. The theory and research will be applicable to students through case studies of actual organizational problems/issues. [C]