BAS Teacher Education

Leadership and Supervision
BASTE 301 3 Credits/Units

Develop skills needed to effectively collaborate with others including school personnel, community partners personnel, students and their families to support student learning preschool to third grade who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. Supervision of assistants and paraprofessionals will also be specifically addressed. [GE]

Integrated Health and Physical Education
BASTE 302 2 Credits/Units

Prepares pre-service educators to teach health and fitness to young learners including strategies for integrating culturally responsive health and physical education experiences into the classroom. Topics: nutrition, movement for fitness and joy, body image, current issues in health, and issues in access and discrimination in wellness. [GE]

Language and Literacy Acquisition
BASTE 303 5 Credits/Units

Examine current research, including theories of first and second language acquisition, for supporting the development of literacy and language skills for children, birth through elementary age. A variety of culturally and developmentally appropriate assessments are introduced and analyzed as part of the comprehensive continuum of literacy and language acquisition. The study of curriculum, instruction, intervention and exemplary classroom practices is the focus of this course [GE]

Effective and Meaningful Curriculum Design
BASTE 304 5 Credits/Units

Examines diverse pedagogical approaches for teaching in educational settings that are meaningful and representative, including abilty, culturally and linguistically diverse learners. Emphasizes curriculum theory, design, practice, evaluation, as well as diverse approaches to learning and dispositions, Integrates Washington State Common Core Standards and Developmental Guidelines. [GE]

Observation and Assessment
BASTE 305 5 Credits/Units

Using a variety of observation skills, select, administer, score and interpret formal assessment tools. Evaluate students for placement or resources needed for learning. Understand Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and Individual Family Service Plans (IFSPs and 504 plans for children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse and their families). [GE]

Law and Ethics
BASTE 306 5 Credits/Units

Provide a clear understanding of how special education standards, principles, and procedures impact service implementation for students with disabilities. Topics addressed: issues, trends, and implementation of special education as well as historical perspectives of disability. [GE]

Vision to Practice Anti-Bias Education
BASTE 307 5 Credits/Units

An approach to expectations of Anti-bias education that sets forth actions against bias and unfairness that shifts from the theoretical ideal of addressing bias to the implementation of anti-bias curriculum. Objective: to create education that supports dismantling a systemic oppression through an increase in children's understanding of social problems and to equip teachers with applicable strategies to improve the equitable learning experiences of their students including those students who are linguistically, culturally and ability diverse. [GE]

Social Emotional Guidance and Trauma Informed Practices
BASTE 401 5 Credits/Units

A foundational understanding of social emotional learning (SEL) standards and practices, positive behavior guidance, and tools to support the development of executive functioning. Includes: SEL competencies for students and adults, creating an inclusive culturally responsive classroom climate, consideration of adverse childhood experiences, and trauma informed approaches. [GE]

Meaningful Math Methods
BASTE 402 5 Credits/Units

Examine spatial and mathematical learning across all content strands using state early learning guidelines and standards for children preschool through 3rd grade and their families who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. [GE]

Bilingual Teaching
BASTE 403 5 Credits/Units

A comprehensive survey of bilingual education through the lens of the three pillars of dual language education (bilingualism/biliteracy, high academic achievement, and sociocultural competence). [GE]

Individualized Teaching
BASTE 404 5 Credits/Units

Fundamental knowledge and experiences for designing and implementing Individualized Education Programs. Additional topics: effective use of assessments, successful collaboration, provision of specially designed instruction, evidence-based supports and strategies, accommodation and modifications and considerations for inclusion.

Residency Teaching 1
BASTE 405 8 Credits/Units

Candidates will demonstrate all Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) competencies required for the endorsement they are seeking. [GE]

Seminar 1
BASTE 406 4 Credits/Units

Reflection on residency experience in school settings with children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. [GE]

Residency Teaching 2
BASTE 407 9 Credits/Units

Candidates will demonstrate all Professional Educators Standards Board (PESB) competencies required for the endorsement they are seeking. [GE]

Seminar 2
BASTE 408 3 Credits/Units

Student candidates will reflect on their residency experience in their school setting with children who are culturally, linguistically, and ability diverse. [GE]

Issues of Child Abuse in Education
BASTE 409 1 Credit/Unit

Scope and problems of child abuse, including, but not limited to neglect, family violence, community violence and/or exploitation, and behaviors exhibited by abused and neglected children. Includes identification and reporting procedures, the legal and professional responsibilities of the educator and other mandated reporters (nurses, social workers, etc.). Methods of teaching personal safety will also be addressed including ways to evaluate appropriate curriculum. [GE]