Physical Science (PHSC)

General Physical Science
PHSC 101 5 Credits/Units

4 hours of lecture / 2 hours of lab

How the world around us behaves depends on the nature of matter and energy. Physical laws are presented in this course that describe the interaction of matter and energy. These laws are used to help explain experiences from daily life. For the non-science major, with little or no science background. [GE, NS, NS-LAB, SE]

General Physical Science
PHSC 102 5 Credits/Units

4 hours of lecture / 2 hours of lab

A chemistry-focused physical science class, in which we will explore practical applications of chemical reactions. Different branches of chemistry such as inorganic, organic, biochemistry and green chemistry will be discussed as they pertain to the real world. For non-science majors with little or no science background. [GE, NS, NS-LAB, SE]

Our Chemical World
PHSC 106 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Introduction to basic chemical concepts using cooperative learning and the backdrop of environmental science. This course is writing-intensive, requiring weekly essays discussing select chemical applications in the world around us. Topics include: energy and nutrient flow through the ecosystem; chemical hurdles facing agriculture; chemical, physical, and nuclear reactions of energy production; ramifications of chemical pollution; green chemical solutions. Intended for non-science majors with little or no scientific background. [GE, NS, SE]

Cooperative Work Experience
PHSC 199 1-3 Credits/Units

9 hours of clinical

Supervised work experience in an approved job. Completion of specific learning objectives and employer evaluation. [GE]

Selected Topics
PHSC 280 1-5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Selected topics in Physical Science. Topics vary and course theme and content change to reflect new topics. Because the course varies in content, it is repeatable for credit. Individual topics are listed in the term class schedules. [GE]