Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Engineering and Computer Science Orientation
CSE 101 1 Credit/Unit

2 hours of lab

Orientation for students interested in Engineering and Computer Science. Topics include exposure to Engineering and Computer Science educational/career opportunities and challenges, with emphasis on effective planning, communication, teamwork appropriate to these career fields. [GE, SE]

Introduction to Electrical/Computing
CSE 120 5 Credits/Units

4 hours of lecture / 3 hours of lab

Prerequisite: College Trigonometry (MATH 102 or MATH 103) grade of "C" or higher

Introduction to electrical/computer science and engineering processes, principles, problem-solving techniques, and contemporary tools. Applies in-class learning to hands-on projects and explores current industry trends and implications. [GE, SE]

Introduction to C
CSE 121 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: MATH& 151, ENGR 120, CSE 120, ENGR 109 or CTEC 121 (grade of "C" or higher)

Introduction to the C programming language. Emphasis on program design, verification, and testing. Programming related concepts in computer science will be covered. [GE, SE]

Discrete Structures
CSE 215 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: CSE 121 and ENGR 250 (grades of "C" or higher)

Discrete structures and analysis techniques for computing by building on students' skills in programming and logic. Topics include: functions, relations and their properties; sets, sequences and tuples; probability, counting (permutations and combinations); propositional logic and logical connectives; introduction to predicate logic and its limitations; formal proof strategies (counterexample, contraposition); contradiction, recursion, computational complexity; trees, graphs and traversal strategies; modeling computation (finite state turing machines). [GE, SE]

Introduction to Data Structures
CSE 222 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: CSE 121 and CSE 224 (grades of "C" or higher)

Fundamentals of data structures and advanced programming techniques used in high-level languages such as C. Topics: trees, heaps, hash tables, sorting, searching, recursion, and algorithm analysis. [GE, SE]

Data Structures & Object-Oriented Programming
CSE 223 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: CSE 215 and CSE 222 (grades of "C" or higher)

Study of data structures and the analysis of algorithms, object-oriented programming, concurrency, memory management. [GE, SE]

Programming Tools
CSE 224 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: CSE 121 (grade of "C" or higher)

Study of tools and techniques that facilitate programming and debugging, including debuggers, profilers, and scripting. [GE, SE]

Selected Topics
CSE 280 1-5 Credits/Units

2 hours of lecture

Varying topics. May be repeated for credit. [GE]

Special Projects
CSE 290 1-5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Opportunity to plan, organize, and complete special projects approved by the department. [GE]