Business Administration (BUS)

BUS  028 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Introduction to the fundamental bookkeeping functions of the double-entry accounting process to prepare financial information for a business or organization. Topics including the basic accounting equation, preparation of business and financial transactions, journalizing, posting, making adjustments, preparing the worksheet, and preparing financial statements from the worksheet. [PNP]

BUS  029 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: BUS 028.

A continuation of BUS 028, with focus on accounting in a merchandising business. Topics include the valuation of inventories, depreciation, tax reports, payroll accounting, and the preparation of financial statements and special journals. [PNP]

BUS  036 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: BUS 029 or consent of Instructional Unit.

Accounting procedures applied to business simulations. Includes payroll, depreciation of fixed assets, budgeting, maintaining sales and purchase records and preparing financial statements. [PNP]

BUS& 101 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Learn about the business functions of management, human resources, marketing, law, computers, accounting, finance, production, small business and international business. Credit not allowed for both BUS& 101, BUS 101 and MGMT 100. Formerly BUS 101. [SE, HR] [PNP]

BUS  102 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: Eligibility for MATH 089 or MATH 092 or higher or a grade of "C" or better in CAP 042 or consent of Instructional Unit.

Application of mathematics in common business situations. Emphasis is on practical applications and problem-solving skills for the business professional as well as the consumer and investor. Topics include: trade and cash discounts, simple and compound interest, mark up and mark down, and consumer credit. Cannot receive credit for both BUS 102 and MATHB 065. [CP]

BUS  105 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

A survey course, as well as a preparatory course for advanced study, of globalization and international business issues discussed include the history and development of international business, international institutions, regional alliances, sociocultural and political forces, national resources and environmental sustainability, labor forces, and the development of international competitive strategy.

BUS  110 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Introduction to customer-centered business organization. Topics include the principles and practices of customer relations, the history of consumerism and customer relations departments, and methods to develop internal/external customer service skills, including identifying and responding to their needs, improving skills in providing information, dealing with conflict situations, and developing a positive customer relations climate. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  115 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Designed to help students explore the elements of starting and managing a small business. Topics include conducting a feasibility analysis, finding sources of capital, acquiring critical human resources, managing assets, and dealing with various internal and external factors, including stakeholders. The foundation of the course will enable students to develop a coherent business plan as well as connect with business owners. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  117 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Introduction to advertising. Topics include the problems faced by advertisers and their agencies, along with the policies and procedures for solutions in the development of advertising objectives and strategies, selection of media, determination of budgeting methods, and preparation of copy and layout for effective results. Credit not allowed for both BUS 117 and BUS 217. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  130 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: BUS 028 and 029 or ACCT 201 (or BUS 231).

Computerized accounting techniques in the basic areas of financial accounting, including the processes of analyzing, recording, reporting and interpreting accounting data in a business environment. A systems approach with real world applications of the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, cash receipts, accounting for sales, payroll, and month and year-end closing for both a service and a merchandising business. QuickBooks software is utilized in this course. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  139 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Learn what makes a successful entrepreneur, the tools an entrepreneur needs to start a business, and the opportunities and pitfalls faced by an entrepreneur. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  160 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Buying insurance (life, health, property, and auto), buying and financing a home, minimizing Federal income tax, borrowing, saving, and investing. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  199 5 Credits/Units

165 hours of clinical

Prerequisite: Completion of one class with a "C" or better in Business, Economics or Management.

Up to 5 credits for supervised work training in an approved job. Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in BTEC 147 or HDEV 195, 198, or 200 required. Consent of Instructional Unit required. [GE] [PNP]

BUS& 201 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or consent of Instructional Unit.

Practical applications of the law of contracts, agency, employment, real and personal property, and bailments in the business world and in one's personal affairs. Legal reasoning and illustrative case problems. Formerly BUS 224. [SE]

BUS  203 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in MATH 095 or MATH 096 or equivalen or consent of Instructional Unit.

Application of statistics to practical business problems. Includes summarizing and presenting data in tables and graphs, calculating and using common descriptive statistics, determining probabilities and using the binomial. Poisson, and normal probability distributions. Knowledge of Excel highly recommended. [SE]

BUS  204 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: Completion of BUS 203 or MATH 203 with a "C" or better or consent of Instructional Unit.

Application of statistics to practical business and economic problems. Includes sampling, point and interval estimates, hypothesis testing using the normal, t, f and chi-square distributions, analysis of variance, correlation, and simple and multiple regression. Knowledge of Excel recommended. [SE]

BUS  210 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Introduction to e-Business includes topics such as email, EFT (electronic fund transfers), barcoding, etc.. This will be a 5 credit course that deals with the fundamentals of conducting business online. This course will help assist students better understand the strategies on conducting business online. Other issues include, international standards, ethics, business strategy, electronic marketing. Examination of e-Business in altering the structure of entire industries, and how it affects business processes including electronic transactions, supply chains, decision making and organizational performance. The exponential growth in the last few years of the Internet and its related technologies has created new ways of communication and trading. [PNP]

BUS  211 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: ENGL 101 (or ENGL 101) or consent of Instructional Unit.

Developing proficiency in written and oral communications appropriate for business by composing, organizing, and editing documents such as letters, reports, memos, emails, and presentations from a variety of business cases and managerial interviews. Emphasis on team work, collaboration, diversity, intercultural communication, and the delivery of oral presentations, using specialized software. Same as ENGL 212. [CA,CT,WC,SE]

BUS  251 3 Credits/Units

33 hours of lecture

Introduction to personal selling concepts for the relationship era of business. Focus on selling stages, including prospecting, qualifying, developing rapport, overcoming objections, closing techniques, and following up with customer service. Focus on personal, retail, and organizational selling. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  260 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

Introduction to concepts of marketing, with practical emphasis on the research, evaluation, and segmentation of markets. Focus on behavior of consumer and organizational buyers. Activities include developing a marketing plan to include product planning, pricing, promoting, and placement. [GE] [PNP]

BUS  280 5 Credits/Units

55 hours of lecture

The course focuses on selected topics in Business. Topics vary, and course theme and content change to reflect new topics. Because the course varies in content, it is repeatable for credit for different topics. Individual topics are listed in the term class schedules. [GE]

BUS  290 5 Credits/Units

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructional Unit.

Opportunity to plan, organize and complete special projects approved by the department. [GE]