Business Administration (BUS/BUS&)

Business Math Applications
BUS 102 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: CAP 42 (grade of "C" or higher) or placement into Math level 10

Application of mathematics in common business situations. Emphasis is on practical applications and problem-solving skills for the business professional as well as the consumer and investor. Topics include: trade and cash discounts, simple and compound interest, mark up and mark down, and consumer credit. [CP, GE]

Keyboarding & Word Processing
BUS 104 1-3 Credits/Units

1 hours of lecture / 4 hours of lab

Introduction to the keyboard, development of touch typing, speed and accuracy, and basic word processing skills for formatting simple letters, memos, tables, and reports. [GE][PNP]

Introduction to International Business
BUS 105 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

A survey course, as well as a preparatory course for advanced study, of globalization and international business issues discussed include the history and development of international business, international institutions, regional alliances, sociocultural and political forces, national resources and environmental sustainability, labor forces, and the development of international competitive strategy. [GE]

Office English
BUS 107 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Develop proficiency in the language skills necessary for business writing. Strong emphasis placed on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, capitalization, subject/verb agreement, and editing. [CA, CT, GE, SE]

Customer Service
BUS 110 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Introduction to customer-centered business organization. Topics include the principles and practices of customer relations, the history of consumerism and customer relations departments, and methods to develop internal/external customer service skills, including identifying and responding to their needs, improving skills in providing information, dealing with conflict situations, and developing a positive customer relations climate. [GE][PNP]

Small Business Management
BUS 115 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Designed to help students explore the elements of starting and managing a small business. Topics include conducting a feasibility analysis, finding sources of capital, acquiring critical human resources, managing assets, and dealing with various internal and external factors, including stakeholders. The foundation of the course will enable students to develop a coherent business plan as well as connect with business owners. [GE][PNP]

BUS 117 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Introduction to advertising. Topics include the problems faced by advertisers and their agencies, along with the policies and procedures for solutions in the development of advertising objectives and strategies, selection of media, determination of budgeting methods, and preparation of copy and layout for effective results. [GE][PNP]

Computerized Accounting
BUS 130 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: ACCT 129 or ACCT& 201 (grade of "C" or higher)

Computerized accounting techniques in the basic areas of financial accounting, including the processes of analyzing, recording, reporting and interpreting accounting data in a business environment. A systems approach with real world applications of the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, cash receipts, accounting for sales, payroll, and month and year-end closing for both a service and a merchandising business. QuickBooks software is utilized in this course. [GE][PNP]

Business Professional Self Development
BUS 148 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

An overview of the job search process and exploration of the importance of developing and using soft skills in a business setting. Professional business concepts and communication skills for employees or prospective employees who wish to improve their professional relations and growth potential.[GE, HR][PNP]

Computer Application Essentials
BUS 149 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Fundamentals of common business applications: word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, and file management. [GE][PNP]

Computer Business Applications
BUS 150 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Introduction to creating business projects using MS Office that emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Assignments include managing files/folders, creating and formatting Word documents, Excel workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, Access databases, and in teams, creating and giving a presentation based on research. [GE]

Personal Finance
BUS 160 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Buying insurance (life, health, property, and auto), buying and financing a home, minimizing Federal income tax, borrowing, saving, and investing. [GE][PNP]

Introduction to Excel
BUS 169 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Skills to create, edit, format, and print spreadsheets, tables, graphs and charts using Microsoft Excel; skills to create and edit formulas and simple functions; skills to create, sort, and filter worksheet databases; skills to use PivotTables, templates, and manage multiple worksheets and workbooks. Prior experience with keyboard and/or ten-key by touch and logical thinking are extremely helpful. [GE][PNP]

Excel for Business
BUS 170 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: BUS 102 and (BTEC 169 or BUS 169) (grades of "C" or higher)

Advanced Microsoft Excel skills including creating, editing, and printing professional workbooks, using advanced formulas and charts, auditing and validating worksheet data, and solving complex problems with Excel. Integrating Excel with other office applications and understanding how technology is critical to solving business problems. An introduction to Visual Basics for Applications (VBA), macros, and making an application in Excel. [GE][PNP]

Cooperative Work Experience
BUS 199 1-5 Credits/Units

15 hours of clinical

Up to 5 credits for supervised work experience in an approved job. Completion of specific learning objectives and employer evaluation. [GE][PNP]

Principles of Finance I
BUS 206 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: ACCT& 201 (grade of "C" or higher)

Finance theory and practice through the lens of Time Value of Money by examining the financial health of a company based on market conditions, risk, and profitability; evaluate sources of financing based on risk, cost, terms and valuation; and analyze asset structure and financing framework. [GE]

Principles of Finance II
BUS 207 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: BUS 206 (grade of "C" or higher).

A continuation of Principles of Finance I to investigate finance theory and practice through the lens of Time Value of Money by examining the mix of debt and equity to fund assets as well as dividend distributions, apply measurement tools to make informed capital budgeting decisions, evaluate factors influencing the risk of an investment, and identify capital markets. [GE]

Business Communications
BUS 211 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 (grade of "C" or higher) or eligibility for ENGL& 102

Developing proficiency in written and oral communications appropriate for business by composing, organizing, and editing documents such as letters, reports, memos, emails, and presentations from a variety of business cases and managerial interviews. Emphasis on team work, collaboration, diversity, intercultural communication, and the delivery of oral presentations, using specialized software. [CA, CT, GE, SE, WC]

Professional Selling
BUS 251 3 Credits/Units

3 hours of lecture

Introduction to personal selling concepts for the relationship era of business. Focus on selling stages, including prospecting, qualifying, developing rapport, overcoming objections, closing techniques, and following up with customer service. Focus on personal, retail, and organizational selling. [GE][PNP]

Principles of Marketing
BUS 260 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Introduction to concepts of marketing, with practical emphasis on the research, evaluation, and segmentation of markets. Focus on behavior of consumer and organizational buyers. Activities include developing a marketing plan to include product planning, pricing, promoting, and placement. [GE][PNP]

Introduction to Digital Marketing
BUS 270 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Gain an understanding of how digital marketing works and develop the critical insights necessary to succeed in digital and social media marketing. Learn various methodologies of marketing efforts to digital technologies such as search engines, email, social media, mobile and more. [GE, SE]

Selected Topics
BUS 280 1-5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Selected topics in Business. Topics vary and course theme and content change to reflect new topics. Because the course varies in content, it is repeatable for credit. Individual topics are listed in the term class schedules. [GE]

Special Projects
BUS 290 1-5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Opportunity to plan, organize and complete special projects approved by the department. [GE]

Introduction to Business
BUS& 101 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Learn about the business functions of management, human resources, marketing, law, computers, accounting, finance, production, small business and international business. [GE, HR, SE][PNP]

Business Law
BUS& 201 5 Credits/Units

5 hours of lecture

Prerequisite: Sophomore Standing (completion of 45 credits or more)

Practical applications of the law of contracts, agency, employment, real and personal property, and bailments in the business world and in one's personal affairs. Legal reasoning and illustrative case problems. [GE, SE]